Sit back and relax with a quality ride on a riding lawnmower Contact our team today to learn about the fantastic range of riding lawnmowers we supply to domestic and commercial customers across Portadown and the whole of Northern Ireland. With financing options available on all our products over £300, mowing your lawn has never been easier.

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Mowers From Leading Brands

If you’re a professional gardener, landscaper or a homeowner with a big garden, you might not be able to mow your lawn efficiently with a standard walk behind mower. Fortunately, at Bryan Hynds, we have a selection of top-quality ride on mowers that are capable of beautifying any outdoor space with ease. We have models that can easily handle slopes or manoeuvre in tight spots to keep your lawn in top shape. We’re committed to providing our customers with a highly-effective ride on mower. That’s why we only stock products from highly respected industry names. It’s all just part of our service to you.

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Right Ride on Lawn Mower

Modern ride on mowers boast a range of features that make them perfect for a variety of landscaping tasks. With attachments for ploughing snow and grass, collecting leaves and grinding manure, you can utilise riding lawn mowers for everyday garden maintenance work in almost any weather condition.

At Bryan Hynds, we have riding lawnmowers available that can mulch, bag clippings or do both. Our advanced range of ride on mowers boast an excellent fuel capacity, and our zero-turn riding mowers make mowing around trees and shrubs straightforward. Not sure what ride on mower you need to get the job done? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our expert team members who can easily advise on the best solution for you.

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Mower Servicing and Repairs

At Bryan Hynds, our ride on mower servicing and repairs will help to keep your mower performing as it should. Our expert team will inspect every nook and cranny to ensure your machine is kept in full working order for as long as possible. Should your machine require repairs, you can trust us to complete them to the highest industry standards:

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  • We only use durable and quality replacement parts to restore your machine to its former condition
  • If we don’t have the required components in stock, our experts will track them down for you in no time
  • We offer great value for money prices on all our servicing and repairs

If you have trouble getting your ride on mower to us, we offer a home collection or delivery service to help make things just that little bit easier. Find out more by clicking the button below.

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Lawn Mowers From Leading Brands

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Visit us in-store or send us a message

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Contact our friendly team today using the form above, pop into our showroom in Portadown or give us a call.

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