Just like your car, your ride on mower or garden machinery will need servicing and repairs to help keep them in tip-top condition. With years of experience under our belt, there’s not much that our skilled technicians don’t know about keeping garden machinery and equipment in good working order. We service Portadown and the whole of Northern Ireland. Contact us today.

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Servicing and Repairs

No matter what problems you may have with your lawnmower or other garden machinery, the team at Bryan Hynds will have it running as good as new in no time. You can rely on our experience and expertise to have your garden tools restored to their former condition within a matter of hours. If you have equipment produced by manufacturers not associated with us, we’re still happy to undertake servicing and repairs too. Whether you’re experiencing problems with a riding, walk-behind or robotic lawnmower, we have the components that you require to return your machine to a top-working condition.

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For a Range of Spare Parts

At Bryan Hynds, we are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers. If you are for any reason unable to deliver or collect your lawnmower to our store, we are happy to organise a collection or delivery service for a small fee.

For those aspiring owners who wish to attempt their own maintenance then we can also supply most of the common filters, plugs, belts and cables. If you need any special parts that we don’t have in stock, you can trust us to track them down quickly and easily. We only stock parts from the world’s leading manufacturers, ensuring your garden machinery and equipment is always repaired to the highest possible standard.

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Your First Choice

In addition to lawnmower parts, servicing and repair, Bryan Hynds also supply some of the most advanced, new lawnmowers to gardeners, landscapers and homeowners. Regardless of whether you’re after a completely new lawnmower or you just need repairs, we can help.

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  • A local, family-run company
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and professional team
  • A one-stop shop for maintenance, spare parts, servicing and repairs
  • Great value for money prices
  • We offer finance on all our new products over £300
  • A click-and-collect service or home delivery
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Visit us in-store or send us a message

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Contact our friendly team or pop into our showroom in Portadown.

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